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In the face of seamless mobility, the question arose as to how autonomous vehicles can not only drive autonomously, but also interact with infrastructure as independent entities.


We developed a blockchain-based transaction platform enabling vehicles to consume and pay for services such as parking or refuelling based on smart contracts.


Vehicles onboarded on the platform


Infrastructure partners won for the project


Seed capital for full-fledged spin-off

A joint project of automotive supplier ZF, bank UBS, and IT company IBM

Car eWallet (meanwhile iomoto) was a joint project carried out by the technology group ZF, the major Swiss bank UBS, and the American IT company IBM. The project was integrated into the artificial intelligence control unit ZF ProAI combining the element of a high-performance central processing unit to self-drive and a digital agent to execute tasks independently.

The project was spun off into an independently operating company after three years of intensive work in the innovation department of the Electrified Powertrain Technology business unit.

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